An Imaginative Subconscious..

I'm Venai. Male. Straight. Lost in the world. Cool. Happy. Loves sports. List of other adjectives. Manchester United. I enjoy the kinkier and simple things in life. I'm a man of many words but prefer to keep to myself. Life's too short to get caught. I don't bite, hard (unless you're into that kind of stuff).
IG: Chwindian

I’m homesick for all the moments we’ll never have back.
Someone who only finds home in the bottom of a bottle now  (via crank-out)

I let myself get drunk without you last night. I was hoping that alcohol will drown my thoughts but there isn’t enough alcohol in the world to make me forget about you. I had to fight the urge from texting you… and from calling you. I was surrounded by so many people, but none of them were you. I just wanted to be alone, go home, shut off all the lights, curl back in bed, and cry some more. 

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